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Timberland will uphold the warranty provided with every product. For any repairs or warranty related enquiries, please email us with your order number to 


Your Timberland brand watch is covered against defects in materials and manufacturing under the terms and conditions of this warranty, for a period of two (2) years from the original date of purchase. The warranty covers the following components: the watch movement, the hands and the dial. Should a covered component be defective in materials or manufacturing during the warranty period under normal use, the watch in question shall either be repaired free of charge or replaced with another watch (the decision lies with the respective authorized international service centre or authorized Timberland dealer). The warranty can only be made use of if either the corresponding sales receipt or the fully and correctly completed warranty booklet, which has been stamped by an authorized Timberland dealer, can be presented.

The warranty does not cover: -the battery, the case, the glass, all kinds of straps or bracelets (including the buckle/clasp) -damage caused by inappropriate treatment, carelessness, accidents or general wear and tear. -water damage, unless the watch bears the wording “water resistant” on the case. Water damage to leather straps is not covered by this warranty in any event.* This warranty is void if the watch has been damaged due to accidents, carelessness, faulty repairs or other circumstances which are not the result of material or manufacturing defects. In case of replacement, it cannot be guaranteed that the same watch model will be provided. If your original model is not available, you will receive a watch with a similar value and appearance. The warranty for the replacement watch expires two (2) years after the purchase date of the replaced watch.

Further claims of the buyer against the manufacturer that are based on mandatory legal provisions shall not be limited in any way by these warranty provisions. In the event of a warranty claim, or if the watch needs to be repaired for some other reason: Please send the watch together with your purchase receipt and/or the fully and correctly completed warranty booklet with the authorized Timberland dealer’s stamp, along with a description of the problem, to your nearest authorised service centre. For services which are not covered by the warranty, the authorised international service centre shall provide the desired services for a charge that is based on the model of watch and type of work to be carried out. The applicable prices can be adjusted at any time.

Please do not send the watch with the original packaging, as this cannot be returned to you. We recommend you obtain insurance when returning the watch and ensure that it is appropriately packaged. No liability will be accepted for loss or damage to the watch during transportation.